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Rythmia Life Advancement Center has entered into a long-term lease agreement with HemaLucent, SRL.

HemaLucent specializes in a unique and patented process which activates one’s own blood with appropriate and gentle laser light frequencies. Using this same light, HemaLucent guides the activated cells to whichever parts of the body are in most need of revitalization.

Available At Rythmia – CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY.

For more information or to check availability for the HemaLucent program, please call:

Frequently Asked Questions

HemaLucent is a holistic revitalization program that can activate and enhance your bodys natural ability to repair itself.

It’s a unique and patented process for activating one’s own blood with appropriate and gentle laser light frequencies and then using the same light to guide the activated cells to whatever parts of the body need most revitalization.

A: The unique and powerful combination of light-activated autologous (your own) cells with a holistic, non-invasive anti-aging protocol can activate your body’s natural ability to repair itself, inside and out.

Typical benefits experienced that we are allowed to mention include:

  • Relief from chronic aches and pains
  • Mental clarity
  • Memory enhancement
  • Boost in libido and sexual functions
  • Metabolic regulation
  • Mood enhancement
  • Renewed energy and vitality
  • Revitalized skin, hair and nails

No more than a common blood test.

For those who aren’t comfortable with needles, the HemaLucent team will do all that they can to make the experience as comfortable as it can be.

Before the sessions, as always, you’ll benefit from visualizing exactly what kind of rejuvenation you’re hoping to experience and what it’ll feel like once you do.

After your sessions, depending on what needs most revitalization in your body, you may experience varying degrees of sleepiness and need for rest as your body begins its repair process. Rythmia is the ideal place for rest and our experienced team will provide you with all that you need, should this be the case.

Depending upon your state of health or whatever needs most revitalizing in your body, results can be seen anywhere from within 24 hours or up to several weeks.

Yes. It is no more invasive than a normal blood draw from your arm.

If you have rampant viral, fungal or bacterial infection it is not recommended that you participate in the HemaLucent program until your infection has cleared up.

HemaLucent is also not recommended if you are undergoing an active cancer treatment.

If you are unsure as to whether you will be able to participate, please inform one of our team members of your circumstances when you call +1 (888) 222-0345 to check availability.

The definition of stem cells varies from country to country. They are regulated differently depending on the definition and the jurisdiction.

In order to be internationally compliant, it’s most accurate and appropriate for us to call this a blood enhancement program that uses your own blood’s dormant cells to repair the parts of your body that most need revitalization.

HemaLucent will be available at Rythmia – CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY.

The cost of the HemaLucent Program is $8,800 (U.S. Dollars).

This does not include the cost of your stay here at Rythmia which will be dependent upon your personal preferences – such as the number of nights you’d like to stay, the type of room you would like to reserve and what other programs you choose.

It is a requirement of the medical license protocol that participants in the HemaLucent program stay a minimum of 7 nights.

To understand the additional costs and to book the HemaLucent program along with your trip to Rythmia, please visit Rythmia.com or call +1 888 222-0345. Be sure to let the team member know that you’d like to book the HemaLucent program.

Depending upon what needs most revitalizing, every few years should suffice.

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HemaLucent at ayahuasca retreat Rythmia

Available At Rythmia – CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY.

For more information or to check availability for the HemaLucent program, please call:


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