Mystical Women, you are called to remember who you are, and what you came here to do…


Awaken your feminine power in a modern-day mystery school for women.


Join your sisterhood, and share your gifts with the world…ARE YOU READY?


DATES: AUGUST 12 – 19, 2018





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Brandee Powell:

Awaken the Healer, Shaman and Creator in You


Majesty; Awakening the Healer, Shaman and Creator in You, is journey towards unveiling and healing the programming, traumas and beliefs we hold both consciously and subconsciously that have caused us to fall out of rhythm with nature and kept us from living in our …


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this duality. In human form we separate as man and woman but our souls are not separate and do no identify as being a man or woman. My program Majesty; Awakening the Healer, Shaman and Creator in You, is journey towards unveiling and healing the programming, traumas and beliefs we hold both consciously and subconsciously that have caused us to fall out of rhythm with nature and kept us from living in our highest potential as powerful mystical women.


highest potential as powerful women. Through a path of initiation, integration and transformation we allow the ancient and indigenous practices of balancing both the divine masculine and divine feminine energy within to awaken us again to our true nature in our modern lives. These ancient teachings were taught within the great mystery schools some 4,000 years before the birth of Jesus, and hundreds of years after the Crucifixion all over the world. It is the inner path taught by Jesus and Mary Magdalene, these teachings have also been taught by Thoth, the god of wisdom in Ancient Egypt, by the sages in Ancient Taoism, and the Sufi world, and in the ancient religions of The Goddess. The balancing of the masculine and feminine energy within creates oneness with God and wave of enlightenment for ourselves and societies, awakening us to our gifts, callings and service to create a new world.


As a long time student of these mysteries, I take you back on a journey into the heart of your ancient and indigenous roots and wisdom. Through an interactive, playful, healing experience I will support you to be the magical wild child in you and from this state of being activate natural miracles ready to be manifested. When we remember and awaken to our true nature we activate our natural female powers and gifts as healers, shamans and creators.


Brandee Powell is a healer, medicine woman, speaker, artist, and entrepreneur dedicated to supporting the awakening of your soul so that you may live your highest potential. She is one of the co-creators of Rythmia Life Advancement center in Costa Rica where she has …


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helped thousands to wake up and create a life that they love. Brandee founded the Majesty Mystery School that blends technologies from the ancient mystery schools of the world emphasizing technologies from ancient Egypt, India and Atlantis, Indigenous shamanic practices with her unique modern day tools and techniques that continue support her personal spiritual growth. Through her program and teachings she is committed to helping women to remember their true soul origins, gifts and free themselves from the subconscious limitations of their past to awaken to their higher purpose. Prior to Rythmia Brandee owned marketing and advertising companies for over 12 years and helped to create and build hundreds of businesses. Brandees mission is to help world changing entrepreneurs and individuals unleash their purpose, connect to their tribe, & inspire a movement through their mission-driven business.



Jennifer Butler:

Find the Sacred Power of Your True Colors from the Ancient Egyptian Temples of Beauty


Jennifer Butler will guide you through an Ancient Egyptian practice of finding which of the 4 Seasons your personality and essence of your physical body was created in mirroring nature. Her workshop


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will help you recognize your innate Authentic Essence and step into your True Beauty by releasing false images and stories that we have taken on to feel we are enough or safe. This is an interactive workshop where you will work with music, dance and processes that will help you to understand your true nature and allow you to show up in your power in the world with business, communication, relationships, family, friends and more.


Jennifer Butler, founder of the True Beauty movement, has helped thousands of clients find their authentic self-expression. For 35 years shes worked with leading celebrities, entrepreneurs, public figures,…


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authors, artists and Fortune 500 executives to teach them visual communication through wearing their seasons colors. Most people dont know that they carry the energy of a season in their unique coloring and personality. 90 % of communication is nonverbal so when you find your colors and learn how to dress with intention you can show up powerfully in business, communication, relationships, family, friends and more. When my clients find their season and dress in their power colors they share incredible stories of transformation. I invite you to join the True Beauty Movement where we shift from the old paradigm of trying to look like someone else to expressing your unique authentic beauty by being you.


Gina Jones:

Align with Your Souls Divine Plan. Discover Your Gifts and Callings with the Cards of Life from Atlantis


Your souls divine plan is magically hidden in your birthday. The day you were born you received a special card; a card that reveals secrets about you and your entire life. Find out what this mystical, highly


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revered, ancient Atlantean knowledge reveals about the intricacies of your life and discover your card, your life, and your gifts and callings, too.


GINA E. JONES is the founder of The Cards of Life, the International Association of Cardology, and Cardology Community. Gina is a Master Cardologer, Certified Magi Counselor, Queen of Diamonds, and the


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author of several books on Cardology, the ancient mystical science of playing cards.



Inanna: Remember the Priestess Within Your Feminine Magic


Remember the Priestess Within is a sacred fire ceremony ritual in the evenings. I, the wisdom keeper, will share the ancient and indigenous sacred feminine teachings that have been lost in our modern culture.


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I will guide you to remember your female magic and learn your ancient tools, rituals and techniques to bring this back into your modern life. Connect to your womb to awaken with your primordial creative energy which is the force of life and all of creation. Find your goddess and welcome me as your guide and ally to support your process as you step into the powerful Goddess in you like never before.



Inanna – artist, medicine woman, and healer. Originally from Armenia, Inanna studied esoteric wisdom and traditions in the healing arts and medicine from around the world. She blends Armenian,


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Amazonian, Siberian, Native American, particularly Lakota and Navajo ways into her own unique shamanic modalities. For over 10 years Inanna has facilitated healing through her teachings, plant medicine, creativity and energy work in her full moons circles, drumming circles, and medicine ceremonies. Her passion is helping women to remember their magic and power by healing through the voice, heart, and womb.



Jennifer Sodini:

Unlock Your Intuitive Potential


This workshop aims to teach students that it is our birth-rite to be psychic by exploring the mystery of the pineal gland in relation to ancient knowledge and discuss the role that intuition


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plays in experiencing a mystical reality. By showing different tools, exercises and methods to help flex this muscle, you will learn how to unlock your highest potential. We will review all types of psychics (clairvoyant, clairsentient, etc.), as well as review different types of divination tools for reading others. Participants will also have a chance to apply the knowledge learned and conduct readings on one another at the end of our workshop.




Jennifer Sodini is an eclectic entrepreneur based on the East Coast. The term eclectic by definition means deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources; that description merely scratches


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the surface of where Jennifers inspirations and multifaceted abilities come from.



In March of 2013 she founded the website, which inspires conscious evolution by questioning our current reality and exploring esoteric philosophy, and spirituality.


Jennifer is a contributing writer to many top conscious media platforms, such as Watkins Magazine, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Collective Evolution, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, and The Know Culture.


Her modern adaptation of the Seven Hermetic Principles went viral on Facebook, receiving over 2 million views.


Jennifer consults with many conscious media brands seeking to develop their digital presence and grow highly engaged online communities focused on the mind, body and spirit.


Jennifer has an innate gift to perceive beyond what is visibly seen. A born psychic and spiritual intuitive, Jennifer has provided oracle card/psychic readings for thousands of people, hosted workshops on “Unlocking Your Psychic Potential”, and given talks about the dynamic between creativity/spirituality at events across the United States such as WITMA, SoulCamp, Rise Gatherings, Lucidity Festival, PEX, Gratitude*NYC, and East Meets West.


Her work in this realm helped inspire the Brown Magick oracle card deck, and Jennifer appeared in an episode of Season 23 of America’s Next Top Model, where she provided oracle card readings for Drew Elliott from Paper Magazine, and the final contestants.


Jennifer’s own oracle deck (and accompanying guide book), Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck and Guide Book: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World, will be published by Running Press in Spring of 2019.


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