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Michael Beckwith

Why partner with Michael Beckwith? CEO and Founder, Gerard Armond Powell, was introduced to Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith and started going to AGAPE following a difficult journey to finding true happiness.

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Thrive Health Access

Rythmia is proud to team up with Thrive Health Access to explore additional alternative treatments and related technologies that could impact the lifestyles of people currently suffering from illnesses that affect hundreds of millions of people.

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HemaLucent specializes in a unique and patented process which activates one’s own blood with appropriate and gentle laser light frequencies. Using this same light, HemaLucent guides the activated cells to whichever parts of the body are in most need of revitalization.

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The Reality Of Truth

The Reality of Truth offers the viewer a front-row seat on an around-the-world exploration of how people, groups and entire cultures tap into an alternative, “true reality” through spirituality, meditation and alternative medicine.

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