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Tyler Mongan

Tyler Mongan is the Founder of Heart Lab, an organization that researches the latest in neuroscience, heart-brain communication, and quantum theory to develop innovative frameworks for team coherence and executive leadership horizon scanning. He is also the co-founder of Mind Lab, a process that uses the science of goal setting to help start-ups plot a clear trajectory towards their goals. Mind Lab has been hosted in over 20 cities globally with participants reporting increased clarity about their future, more energy and confidence to achieve their goals, and new insights into who they are becoming in the future.

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Tyler currently speaks internationally and leads trainings on techniques for developing heart-brain coherence, consults on innovation strategies for start-ups and fortune 500 companies, and is a Ph.D. candidate at Quantum University researching the effects of physiological coherence on actualizing goals in the future.

Tyler studied medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Chinese Acupuncture at World Medicine Institute. He is a published biochemist, researching the effects of site-directed mutagenesis on parasitic protozoa transporter proteins and he assisted on research studying the effects of ocean sedimentation and acidification on coral reefs in Hawaii.

Aside from his work in the medical field, Tyler is a social entrepreneur, participating in the launch of six for-profit and non-profit organizations in the areas of media, sustainability, energy management, behavior change technology and social enterprise.

Tyler is the author of “Ho’olokahi Numerology,” a kundalini yoga based numerology system that helps people understand the trajectory of their life. He travels globally offering readings and numerology trainings in the art and science of numbers.

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Dates: JULY 30–AUGUST 6, 2017

During this workshop Tyler will take you on a journey through your heart and mind and guide you towards innovating your future. The tools provided throughout the week will enable you to map and time-line your future.

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Mind Lab: Thinking about possible futures: Discover the powers and limitations of the mind and how you are physiologically programed to live in the comfort of the past, and often fear change in the future. We will explore the state of our nervous system and recent brain science to help us understand how we can change our brains and practically think about out goals in the future. You will learn techniques for gaining clarity about your goals and discovering new goals that are free from the limitations of the past.

Heart Lab: Feeling into possible futures. Access the power of the heart to set a new rhythm and tone for the entire body allowing you to cultivate a new state of being, think differently about the future and feel into new possibilities. We will explore coherent physiological states of the heart and how recent heart science allows us gain a new understand the role of the heart in relation to the brain. You will learn techniques for developing heart-brain coherence, discovering goals that are coherent with your entire being, and feeling into your goals.

Innovation Lab: Changing our physiological state to realize new possibilities. Moving out of the comfort of the past you realize at the heart of innovation is change and this can seem dangerous to the brain. We will explore the space between coherence and possible futures to discover where we need more integration of our thinking and feeling about the goals we have. You will learn techniques for accessing the power of two-directional thinking, testing hypothesis about the future, and gaining more certainty that you can be innovative (make change) and take action towards your future.

Future Lab: Becoming Physiologically Coherent with Possible Future. Architect your future as it emerges from what is unknown and uncertain and discover how to increase the probability that a specific possibility (a goal) becomes realized. We will explore possible, probable and preferred futures and how we can use recent scientific discoveries in quantum physics to understand the structure of reality and how it is created. You will learn techniques for experiencing quantum reality free from time and space and strategies for mapping and time-lining your future.

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Here’s what’s included with your 7 or 14-night journey

  • Michael Bernard Beckwith’s “The Answer Is You” Life Transformation Program
  • Yoga
  • Gerard Powell’s About Your Miracle
  • Farm-to-table organic locally-grown food, prepared fresh daily
  • Fresh juices
  • Life coaching
  • Licensed psychological counselors
  • Licensed naturopathic assistance
  • Massage
  • Day spa
  • Costa Rican volcanic mud baths
  • The Dead Sea Cleanse, colon hydrotherapy
  • Meditation instruction
  • Beaches
  • Bicycling

“Rythmia Presents” is a workshop series of interactive experiences with your favorite thought leaders, cultural creatives and change makers to help you activate new thinking and receive inspiration to become more authentic and awakened. As our gift to you, these up close and personal experiences with these luminaries are included in your visit.

Luminaries will interact and share eight hours with guests each week:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 1 – 3 p.m.

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